Refund Policy


      %100 Returning Guarantee is the guarantee that allows you to return the products bought from IPLIK and not liked, in 14 days unconditionally with a refund (24 hours for Abaya). Time limit for the defective products is 30 days.


      If you want to return the products after receiving the delivery, you can return them in 14 days after delivery.

      Products should be sent including the gifts with accessorizes attached and if any, the package (unharmed) within 14 days’ tops, following the date of delivery with filling out the product return form (back side of the receipt), under the conditions of product(s) not being used, bedraggled or renovated.

      While filling out the return form, account information should be completely filled out.

      Product(s) for return can be sent to us via the shipping company that our company have agreement with. You can send the package with reverse charge.

      Note: If the returned product(s) are past 14 days, used, cannot be sold, returning package (if any) is damaged; without the bill as two copies, accessories and gifts (if any) the returning won’t be accepted and it will be sent to you (after the SMS notice) with reverse charge.

      If you want the return the product(s) via a company that we don’t have any agreement with, you’re supposed to pay the shipping fee. Otherwise it’ll be sent back to you.

      Returning package should be unharmed or not harmed by usage.

      In the process of returning the defected products, 14 days of returning condition is implemented as 30 days. Your complaint will be forwarded to the supplier. After examining the product, product fee will be returned, if there isn’t any user error.


      If your product is billed in the name of a corporation (company, foundation, association etc.), for the return process, you must send a “return invoice” that is issued by the institution as “Product Unit Price + VAT” with the product. Otherwise the returning process can’t be completed.


      If you want to customize or cancel the order given on the same day, you can contact us within the working hours via +90 544 488 89 96 or necessary arrangements will be made swiftly when you fill out the cancellation request form.


      There is no changing the overseas orders, only return.

      Shipping fee of return will be covered by our customers, only the defected products’ shipping fee will be covered by us. While returning the manufacturing defected products, you can send them within the first month of the date that you receive the package.

      In returning processes, you need to send the received product to us within 14 days max. After the examination of the product, you’ll be contacted by e-mail or phone call and your transaction will be put into motion.

      (You need to send a photo of receipt taken from the shipping company and the return form to us via +90 544 488 89 96 via WhatsApp.)

      Attention! Customs procedures, natural disasters, strikes, transaction leaks etc. are out of the scope of the estimated times.



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    After the arrival of your product to IPLIK, its compliance with the return conditions is controlled by our Customer Services within 48 hours. When this process is complete, you’ll be contacted by mail or a phone call and then the process of return will be put into motion.

    If it’s appropriate with return conditions, the necessary instructions will be given to the bank. After this transaction, it takes up to 10 days for the refund to be reflected to your credit card. You won’t be seeing the refund in your bank account, you can follow the cash inflows within the period of your credit card or its receipt. If you’ve made a layaway, the refund will be projected to your account monthly but your card limit will be increased parallel to the total purchase. In case of the purchase being made by a cash card, the fee will be refunded to the connected bank account of the card. If you’ve transferred the money, the refund will be made to the stated bank account.

    After the returned products’ arrival to us, the refund will be made within the following 10 days. After the transaction is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail from IPLIK.


    Before signing the cargo delivery documents, please check the package content to see if it’s harmed the process of carriage. If there’s any damage on your package, return your cargo, without signing the delivery documents, to the officer, for him to file an official report. New product(s) will be sent to you by cargo immediately by us. In case of the harmed products being accepted without the customer checking the cargo package, IPLIK will not be responsible of the damage or the absence of the products.