About Us

IPLIK : It is a hijab clothing online shopping site that has been operating since 2018. As IPLIK.store, one of the leading names in the hijab clothing retail industry, we offer all the sought-after pieces of hijab clothing to your liking. IPLIK, which provides services to all countries of the world, sends products to anyone who needs hijab clothing. For this reason, IPLIK, which has become one of the indispensable addresses of hijab clothing, has become one of the most important names of online shopping with the slogan of "Quality and affordable shopping" as of 2018. You can find many hijab clothing products you are looking for in IPLIK.

we export our products to another country:

  • Middle east
  • Europe
  • Canada

Who we are

IPLIK.store welcomes you with many products you are looking for in the name of hijab clothing. Although products such as dresses and evening dresses are the most preferred products in IPLIK, there are many other options you can choose for your daily wear and special occasions. In IPLIK, abaya, trousers, trousers, skirts, veiling caps, jackets, gilet, shirts, tunics and skirts are among the most popular products in the clothing category. Besides these; You can find combination products that usually consist of 2 or 3 pieces, outerwear such as poncho and topcoat, plus-size hijab clothing and headscarf options at IPLIK. IPLIK organizes periodic campaigns. When you follow these campaigns, you can benefit from discounted prices and you can have the products you want to buy at much more affordable prices. You can also browse through the "New Products" category, and easily catch the pulse of fashion. You can view this and many more products on IPLIK.store that will allow you to catch elegance in hijab clothing.